Wednesday, 26 March 2014

House assets

What on earth have I been doing for the past few days?

First of all I finished retopologizing the character.

It's got 8,018 triangles for now. Originally I was aiming for 20 thousands but I reckon it looks quite alright as it is. I may add more detail like a small weapon, ribbons or other decorations later.
Mesh is unwrapped and ready for baking.

*   *   *

I also started filling the house with assets. 

A pile of mattresses and duvets. It's meant to refer to Princess and the Pea. I even put a little green pea between the mattresses. If the player looks closely enough he'll see it sticking out. Also the cushions have have a pea pattern on them.

This is how it looks in engine. The lighting will be adjusted. It's quite bright now but it's mostly because I want to see what I'm doing.

After following the advice of resizing the room again, I think of making it a little bit bigger afterall. The bed takes a lot of space and it feels like there's nothing there but the bed..

Next thing on the list is a distiller.

This one is quite old and I reckon it fits in with other assets. I had a hard time figuring out how to reconstruct this texture. In the end I just used made it a hammered metal.

I made high poly models in 3Ds Max and after failing to bake them in Max I used xNormal instead.

This is how it looks so far. I should finish texturing today.

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