Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Back to the character

I suppose it's really about right time to start building my character. I will continue doing small assets for the house along the way, as well as improving on the environment.

I'll repost my designs so I can talk about them a little more.

Firstly I wanted to go for the hood variation. It's got a nice shape to it. Then I thought it would be just too generic. I know it's meant to be fairytale based environment, but I don't want to fall into stereotypes too much.

Here we have a nice comparison. A typical Red Riding hood type character and a more Slavic version, which I think I like more. It's different and it's got more authenticity to it since it's based on historical resources.  

But why not experiment a little?

Ok, these are my three final designs. I asked my friends around which one they like best. Their opinions vary though so I guess I have to make that decision on my own.

*   *   *

I already started sculpting base body. I've been doing it gradually from the beginning of the project.

It's really simple and I need to give it some character and better shape.

So I'm going to make her super curvaceous.

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