Thursday, 13 March 2014

Base sculpt

Base body is done. I'm not sure about the face, will probably alter it later. 

Time for some clothing. I started off with a shirt.

I wanted to extract the surface in Zbrush but since the mesh has about 11 millions points, it kept crashing. My next try was to bring decimated mesh into 3Ds Max and create a retopologized base using Graphite Modelling Tools.

I put different smoothing group on the edges and applied TurboSmooth modifier.

This was a good solution. But. As soon as I'd export it as an .obj I would loose all the control over edges.

I finally decided to use Topology Brush in Zbrush.

It allows you to draw the edge flow yourself.

After generating the topology I could add automatic crease and thus control the mesh while subdividing.

Two hours later, with the help of Google Images, I had my shirt. All sculpted and ready for baking.

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