Thursday, 30 January 2014

FMP: Test character

In order to learn how to deal with animating and exporting a mesh from 3Ds Max to Cryengine I decided to build test character. I used an early sculpt from Ubisoft project. It didn't take me long to change the face and make some clothes. I tried to have it easy to rig and animate.

I finally decided to seriously use Zremesher. It required some fiddling, like specifying the edge flow and density (by using polypaint), but in the end I got a fair result ready for futher work in Max.

Mesh was still to high poly at that point so I removed edges and used relax tool.

Diffuse map is made mainly from Ambient Occlusion and as you can see I stole hands and boots from Ubisoft project.

There, there. Isn't she beautiful.

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