Saturday, 11 January 2014

Character: Rigging

Rigging is always the worst part of every character project. I feel sorry for animation people. They must hate their lives.

The whole process is pretty straight forward but it's just so boring. Envelopes never apply correctly. You always end up assigning each and every vertex to a specific bone. You also need to specify how strongly this vertex is affected by that bone. My character was only 10.000 triangles. I can't imagine animating anything higher that that.
Although I spend so much time to make sure my topology was correct, some things just didn't work out. I probably should have a separate bone for skirt and maybe increase the density in the middle so it would stretch better. 

Face required some more attention as well. 

All in all I was able to strike a nice pose and render it for presentation purposes. 

I am quite pleased with the outcome. Although there are some places requiring attention, like bottom deel where texture is a bit stretched. I managed to cover it up with dirt but it's still not perfect. I think I will push it forward to present in my portfolio. It wouldn't hurt to make more weapons?

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