Thursday, 23 January 2014

FMP: Character

I enjoy making environments but I enjoy characters a lot more. Therefore I started designing my character in the middle of designing an environment.

I've been collecting reference images practically since summer break. It's mostly from Tumblr because, apart from ruining my life by stealing 90% of my free time, it's a great source of inspiration. Tumblr also gives you porn, incest and gross things - all in the form of fanart - which must be the worst possible mixture for human brain. Fortunately this is not what I usually see on my dashboard.

 This beautiful cape was worn by Elizabeth Taylor for iconic scenes in 1963 film Cleopatra. I think this would give a nice symbolic touch to my character since the girl would be either running away from something or trying to rescue someone. Both of these refer to freedom.

Although I cannot imagine anyone running around the forest wearing a golden cape. It's both dangerous and bloody uncomfortable. Having it made from something else wouldn't probably give the same effect. I was thinking about real feathers as well but that would be too much.

My other idea was to refer directly to one of Grimm's tales. There's a girl whose father wants to marry her and she agrees provided he will give her a cape made of 1000 different animal furs. (He gets that cape and the girl finally runs away)

Fur cape seems like a nice option, although I wouldn't make it too big considering I'd have to rig and animate it. Maybe something a little bit shorter?

I'll keep looking for something good.

*   *   *

After having too much Tumblr I started painting some silhouettes.

My two favourites are 2nd and last one. The hood has that triangle shape which is quite powerful when it comes to overall silhouette. Then again it may be too generic. When you hear 'girl in the hood' you instantly think Red Riding Hood. The last silhouette includes a short fur cape.

Finally I was able to paint some faces! It's something I'm comfortable with and I was treat it as a warm up. 

I want my character to be quite pale with bright blue eyes and blond or dark blond hair.

And why not have some face paint too...?

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