Friday, 25 April 2014

Suddenly Bush

I spent the past few days mainly on improving and placing vegetation. In short, all the things I left 'for later': fixing textures and making sure all LODs are working correctly.

 I also spent some time on editing normals using SpeedTree script. 

I wouldn't think it'd make a huge difference but it did. It looks much softer in engine and it blends really nicely with terrain. It helps to keep the atmosphere blurry and foggy.

I had no idea how to block out environment so decided to put a nice stone wall. It seems reasonable since this is how people used to establish boundaries between their lands. 

I finally made 2nd level of lods for further background. They're basically two planes intersecting but I put additional edge in the middle to turn the very bottom vertex normals upwards. Again it helps blending with environment. 

I also made cute little mushrooms.

*   *   *

I'm still trying to make my level more interactive. Therefore I'm going to add so-called boids. 

What could be creepier than a bunch of big fat ravens in a spooky forest. I have never modelled a bird before but it went pretty fast. As long as I got a good reference it was a matter of two hours to have it built and textured. 

Using BoneTool was a bit dodgy because I don't know how, and if it's even possible, to snap bones to the actual mesh while you place them. 

Texture is not perfect but the bird will be barely visible anyway.

I;m trying to skin it properly at the moment.

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