Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Character: Modelling

I decided to go with the very first designs. As per usual.

I am quite familiar with Zbrush by now so I thought of making a very simple base mesh. Since I have to retopologize everything afterwards anyway, I will just sculpt pretty much everything.

As we can see, I only built the very basic shape. There are no hands and boots, because I will stick them in later. The boots will be a completely different object so I may as well build them and sculpt separately. The same goes for hands.

I put my designs as an image plane to know what I'm doing.

Having feet and hands cut off was a bit confusing. I kept fiddling with the length of her limbs. It didn't feel right. I forgot I based the initial mesh on a photograph. Which meant the proportions have to be right.  

Face always is the best part. I find it quite relaxing. Always making the same mistake though and sculpting the eyelids before putting the actual eyeballs inside. Later on I have problems with fitting them in.

This is my finished face. I hope her features are correct and people will recognize where she's from. More or less. More like less.

I polypainted it real quickly just to show couple of renders for my presentation. 

Making clothes is... well, a long process. My obsession with detail kicked in. I also had to make sure the folds look naturally and correct.

This is what I had in the beginning. We can clearly see it's wrong. It's like the gravity doesn't even exist. I thought sketching it out a bit would help. Also, reference. I was so eager to finish it quickly and messed it up and had to start again.

So here's something to help me out a little.

I have to remember materials and textures I'm having on my model are a bit different thus they will behave differently. I tried to get as accurate reference as Google would give me.

There, there. This seems better. These folds look like the material wants to fall down and it responds quite nicely to the collision.

Making those braces was quite a pain. I chose to extract them out of the deel. And I just realized I probably should use main body subtool instead.

For a while I considered building the scarf in Max but figured it would give me the same result and probably just prolonged the entire process. I simply inserted the sphere and applied Dyna Mesh.

This is how it currently looks like. Scarf is not finished obviously.

Lower deel will be done in Max as it's just less fiddling.

More to come tomorrow. Hopefully I'll finish most of it.

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